Ten Reasons to Support SDSU West

1. Open and Transparent Public Planning Process

The SDSU West Initiative requires the stadium site to be comprehensively planned through a public planning process with maximum opportunities for public participation [1]. The Soccer City Initiative was drafted in secret by private developers with no public input [2]. Soccer City also expressly prohibits public participation in the implementation of Soccer City’s development plans [3]

2. Full Compliance with Environmental Laws

The SDSU West Initiative requires full compliance with California environmental quality laws [4] [5] including the preparation of a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and measures to mitigate any environmental or facility impacts. The Soccer City Initiative uses a loophole to circumvent any environmental review, avoid preparation of an EIR and evade solutions needed to mitigate environmental impacts. [6] 

3. More Public Parkland Delivered on Time

The SDSU West Initiative site plan contains 90-acres of public parks including a 50-acre River Park. [7] The initiative requires the River Park be provided by San Diego State University at no cost to the City general fund within seven years. [8] The Soccer City Initiative promises 55-acres of parks including a 34-acre River Park, but the initiative removes any deadline for completion of the River Park and limits FS Investor’s financial contribution to half the cost of the River Park. [9]

4. Less Traffic.

The Soccer City Initiative generates about 60% more traffic than the SDSU West Initiative, largely because it would build yet another regional shopping mall in Mission Valley. [10] 

5. Grow San Diego State University

San Diego State University is landlocked and future student growth is greatly restricted. [11]  Thousands of local high school graduates are turned away every year. [12] The SDSU West Initiative will provide the university more land to grow so our children and grandchildren have a chance to attend San Diego State University. [13]  The Soccer City Initiative adds no new university land. [14]

6. Grow the Economy

The SDSU West Initiative will produce more local college graduates to grow our economy, build local businesses, increase jobs and grow wages. The SDSU West Initiative will co-locate the university with research and technology institutions to nurture the innovation economy right here in San Diego. [15] Soccer City’s Initiative neglects the opportunity to use a public asset to grow our economy in favor of a high-density, max return on investment design. [16] [17] 

7. New Stadium for SDSU Aztecs and Professional Soccer

The SDSU West Initiative requires a 35,000-seat stadium that must accommodate football and professional soccer and be adaptable for the NFL. [18]  SDSU must build the stadium within seven years at no cost to the City. [19] The Soccer City Initiative proposes an 18,000-seat soccer stadium, but the stadium does not have to accommodate college or NFL football. [20]

8. Immediately Relieve the City the Burden of Maintaining the Existing Stadium

The SDSU West Initiative requires SDSU to take over maintenance of SDCCU Stadium as soon as the property is purchased, relieving the City from a $7 million per year burden. [21]  The Soccer City Initiative requires the City to continue to pay for maintenance of SDCCU Stadium until FS Investors demolishes it [22], which could be after seven years or even longer (costing the City up to $50 million). [23]

9. Timely Provision of Affordable Housing

The SDSU West Initiative and the Soccer City Initiative both set aside 10 percent of the new homes for low-income households, but the Soccer City Initiative’s affordable housing requirement does not start until ten after the execution of its lease [24].  SDSU West Initiative does not have any delay.

10. Permits the City to Sell Charger Training Site for $29 Million

The Soccer City Initiative converts the 20-acre Murphy Canyon Charger Training Center site from Industrial to Commercial, permits development of hotels on the site “by right”, and exempts such hotels from the airport land use compatibility regulations for Montgomery Field and MCAS Miramar [25]. The SDSU West Initiative does not cover the Charger Training Center enabling the City to sell site for an estimated $29 million, which the City can use to improve public services and retire City debt.

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