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Research and Tech Center

Much of SDSU West will be focused on creating Research & Tech facilities that are badly needed for the University. SDSU researchers rank among the best and brightest in the nation. Last year alone, these researchers secured nearly $134 million in funding and 783 research grants. Nearly 15 percent of college graduates in San Diego hold a degree from SDSU.

More than 80,000 prospective students submitted applications for undergraduate study, only a fraction of whom were admitted. Without expansion of the school’s facilities, our Research & Tech opportunities will be sorely limited. A thriving SDSU with a new west campus will be a catalyst for the economic growth of our city and our region.

SDSU’s economic contributions to our region cannot be understated. San Diego State University has a $5.67 billion impact on the economy annual impact on our region.

Lasting Economic Impact

SDSU has grown from a small teacher’s college into a national research university of approximately 35,000 students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. For the past 120 years, SDSU has become a critical component to the region’s higher education system. SDSU contributes an estimated $2.4 billion annually to the San Diego City economy through approximately 35,000 students, about 9,000 university and auxiliary employees, and nearly 240,000 local alumni.

SDSU West Vs. SoccerCity

Soccer City
Provides landlocked SDSU the ability to acquire critical land for academic and research growth
Complies with environmental standards under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
Gives voters the power to guarantee a permanent River Park and dedicated open space
Requires a public, transparent planning process
Delivers appropriate traffic infrastructure and mitigations consistent with the state’s tough environmental standards
Commits to a joint-use stadium that meets both SDSU and professional soccer's needs

Research and Tech Center


Join us in ensuring that one of our city's last major parcels of land is secured for current and future generations

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Research &
Tech Center


River Park

Campus Expansion

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