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Campus Expansion

SDSU West represents a golden opportunity to grow the university at a time it’s desperately needed. Over its 120-year history, SDSU has educated generations of students to tackle our city’s biggest challenges, many of whom have become our local leaders.

SDSU’s future is intertwined with the future of our city, yet the university’s growth is constrained due to its landlocked campus. Located on 230 acres on Montezuma Mesa, SDSU’s enrollment is maxed out at 35,000 students.

The university needs to be able to increase enrollment and improve its facilities, and SDSU West is the ticket to do just that. There is no greater return on investment for a community than education, and SDSU West will provide billions in jobs and revenues.

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Quality Jobs for San Diego

As San Diego continues to progress, the growth of SDSU will assist the region in creating and preparing a qualified and job-ready workforce for the region’s industries, providing employment opportunities for a highly trained and educated workforce, and promoting the City as a great place to live and work.

SDSU West Vs. SoccerCity

Soccer City
Provides landlocked SDSU the ability to acquire critical land for academic and research growth
Complies with environmental standards under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
Gives voters the power to guarantee a permanent River Park and dedicated open space
Requires a public, transparent planning process
Delivers appropriate traffic infrastructure and mitigations consistent with the state’s tough environmental standards
Commits to a joint-use stadium that meets both SDSU and professional soccer's needs

Campus Expansion


Join us in ensuring that one of our city's last major parcels of land is secured for current and future generations

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Research &
Tech Center


River Park

Campus Expansion

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