A once in a generation opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for all San Diegans.

Since 1897

SDSU has educated tens of thousands of our best and brightest students. Many have gone on to be an integral and fundamental part of our workforce.

But San Diego’s oldest and largest university is bursting at the seams and is no longer capable of growing to meet demand. SDSU West solves this dilemma.

Unique Opportunity

SDSU West represents a unique opportunity for SDSU to expand its regional footprint with a walkable campus environment that brings accessible open space and breathing room to the heart of our city without gridlocking its core or taxing its citizens.

SDSU West will re-energize Mission Valley with a spectacular new river park and walking and biking trails, while offering the next generation of San Diegans a new multi-use stadium for collegiate athletics, pro sports and concerts. 

Much like the impact Balboa Park had on the community, SDSU West will become a place where San Diegans will connect.

SDSU West's Impact

It enables SDSU to meet the critical higher education needs of our region by providing new accommodations for the growing student demand - while paying fair market price for the property to the City of San Diego.

It also ensures that the university’s economic engine, which provided a robust $5.6 billion to the regional economy last year, will not only continue to flourish but grow exponentially for years to come.

San Diego and San Diego State University have been inextricably linked for more than 100 years. It’s impossible to calculate the importance the university has had on our community.

SDSU West will ensure that our local resources and human investments are preserved and safeguarded for generations to come.

Join us in ensuring that one of our city's last major parcels of land is secured for current and future generations

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